The intervention financed under the OP FEAMP LAZIO, CUP F17H20003260007. Measure 569 COD. 3/TPA/20/LA is aimed at increasing the production capacity of Ortoetruria, which will be achieved both by increasing the production of products already in production. With the implementation of the financed project, the aim is also to improve the production process, and at the same time to start the production of new products, creating new production cycles with new, efficient and versatile machinery.

The new products envisaged for the start-up of the new production are bio fishburgers in ATM packaging, and bio fish sandwiches, the latter also obtained with the waste from the MP cutting process as input in the fish burger production process, from which it will be possible to recover the smaller parts of the fish and reuse them in a product that is very fine-grained, and for which the consistency of the fish fillet is not a determining parameter for the quality of the fish. In addition, the packaging machine used in the production process of BIO products can be used in the packaging process of other products, improving the shelf life of PF.

The investment, besides the setting up of the new production line and the optimisation of the seafood process, also foresees the purchase of load handling systems, with electronic or assisted systems, in order to reduce the manual handling of heavy loads. In fact, the purchase of an electric forklift and manual transpallets is foreseen, thus affecting the safety of the operators.

In order to reduce the environmental impact, it was considered appropriate to also provide for the installation of a solar photovoltaic system, which will contribute to partially satisfy the energy needs of the production plant.

Overall, the proposal foresees the partial revamping of the machinery in order to restructure the existing production process and introduce new production cycles for the production of new products (organic fish burgers and organic fish sandwiches).